Thursday, March 7, 2013

Bharati and me

The closest that I have to my mother's lap, is Bharati.

My first introduction to his works began some 13 years ago, when I witness dad going sombre after watching a late night movie. It was unlike him to be sentimental over movies, unlike me, but this was a strange revelation.

It was an award winning biopic on Bharathi. 
Chinnaswami Subramania Bharati, also known to the world as Bharati, was a poet/activist/artist/journalist/writer (a few more categories he would be considered a renaissance man). 

Years after dad's passing, my subtle love affair with Bharati was rekindled after listening to some his works to music. 

I admired his style of writing. It was like as direct as it can be, yet polished, and not crude. Often, his songs would sooth the tempest that runs through my mind, as how shutting the door on a windy day would. 

I regret the fact that I didn't pay attention to my Tamil classes while in school, but thanks to Dad, with the very little knowledge that I have, I'm able to digest Bharati's words. 

In the end, as simple as it can be, it is the closest that I have, to my mother's lap. 

Manathil Uruthi Vendum - The mind should be firm 

Manathil uruthi vendum - The mind should be firm 
Vaakiniley inimai vendum - There should be sweetness in speech 
Nilaivu nallathu vendum - Let there be good thoughts 
Nerungina porul kaippada vendum - Cherished desires should come to hand 
KaNavu maiyppada vendum - Dreams should come true 
Kaivasamavathu viraivil vendum - Let the goal be attained with ease 
Dhanamum inbamum vendum - wish for wealth and love 
DharaNiyil perumai vendum - wish for respect in this world 

KaN thiranthida vendum - Let the eyes be opened 
Kaariyatthil urudi vendum - Let there be determination in work 
PeN viDutalai vendum - Let women be independent 
Periya kadavul kakka vendum - May a mighty god protect 
MaN payaNura vendum - May the soil be fruitful 
Vaanakamingu tenpada veNdum - Let the heavens be within sight 
Unmai ninRida vendum - May Truth remain.

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Here's to a generation of strong women.

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