Thursday, February 24, 2011

Mash up - A tale best served with your favourite drink.

Warning : The writer wishes to stress out that sleep deprivation is bad. But, if you decide to knock off on that sleep, a little bit of creativity and another crazy friend or two wont be so bad after all.

Kester Low Toys'R'us is still a special place. :)

Bullet Murugan its home sweet home for clowns like us :P
Kester Low ‎'Tis all the fuel u need to get those pesky grey matter bemused again :) Happy.
Bullet Murugan happy as a bee can be!
Kester Low Silly ol' bear ;)
Bullet Murugan and where's that honey pot of mine? i need to add some to my bowl of porridge before ol' Goldilocks wipes them out
Kester Low U left the empty Huney Jar right next to Tigger hoping he'd shu d wolf away? :p oh bother!
Bullet Murugan well, i'm meeting the wolf for tea. He's a little sloshed right now with all that red ridin' hood and all. Tigger you old fart! come back with my jar o' hunny!
Kester Low Hehehe. Maybe he went to see the Mad Hatter. Have you come across the rabbit? We're all losing our mind, i mean time. :P
Bullet Murugan I know....he's been hopping around in my garden, trying to find some clock he lost. Says he needs to board the ship to NArnia, wherever that might be :P
Kester Low Wait... you mean he went... what... wait... but but the Huney Pot got lost... along with the Matrix. Now I'm gonna Nerf some random teletubbies looking dude who walks my path for almost(?) killing Prime and spoiling tea... which very well could have been with the Queen. So help me Pooh!
Bullet Murugan Pooh calling the Goonies..... bzzzzzzzt....tsk....(breaks):

Hunny...pot missing....Narnia...ship....Matrix....looking for teletubies...killed Prime...tea spoilt....Need backup....send in the Ewoks!
Kester Low Arrrgh! Aye Ewoks. Ze killer badgers... They need no midichlorian parasites. :) Oh wait, you know what we need... some Hot Wheels.... like the Tumbler! (Besides, Batman's got no powers :P) Now Pooh can boldly go where no pooh has gone before. What's some Vulcans when he can daily brave a horde of honey bees with stingers like Mohammed Ali. May the force be with ye.
Bullet Murugan Enterprise! Beam me up, Scotty. Get the Tie Fighters ready. We have some pirates to track down. Darth Bear, out...
Kester Low Cue Looney Tunes' end credit song... :D

Live long and prosper!
Bullet Murugan the beethebeehtbeeethe.....

THAT's all Folks!
Kester Low Oh epic! :D
Bullet Murugan we'll make a sequel later :P
Kester Low The Return of The Pooh :P Haha. Ayo.

Disclaimer : Loss of sleep, yes. Laughed our ass off before sleeping? well, I did. No bears and Ewoks were harmed during the process of writing this tall tale.

not an original post, just a song i like

Funny thing about music is, its like a lover's arm in a cold night. Just the right amount of heat, the right touches, and the right feel. It makes you feel good.

I'm feeling mighty good now, and in anticipation of something. listen to the song, and look at the lyrics below. Sing it along, if you can, and feel the song.

Tuu Jaane Naa
kaise batayein
kyun tujhko chahe
yaara bata na paayein
baatein dilo ki
dekho jo baki
aake tujhe samjhayein
tu jaane na aaaa..
tu jaane na
tu jaane na aaaa..
tu jaane na
hmm milke bhi, hum na mile
tumse na jaane kyun, meelo ke,
hai faasle tumse na jaane kyun
anjaane, hai silsile
tum se na jaane kyun, sapne hai
palko tale tum se na jaane kyunnnnnn…
kaise batayein
kyun tujhko chahe
yaara bata na paayein
baatein dil o ki
dekho jo baki
aake tujhe samjhayein
tu jaane na aaaa..
tu jaane na
tu jaane na aaaa..
tu jaane na
aaaa aaaaa aaa
nigahon mein dehko
meri jo hai bas gaya aa
woh hai milta tumse hubahoo
jaane teri aankhein
kiya baatein ki vajah…
hue tum jo dil ki aarzoo
tum paas ho ke bhi
tum aas ho ke bhi
ehsaas ho ke bhi
apne nahin aise hai
hum ko gile
tumse na jaane kyun, meelo ke
hai faasle tumse na jaane kyun ooonnn….
tu jaane na aaaa..
tu jaane na
tu jaane na aaaa..
tu jaane na
ooo jaane na jaane na jaane na
aaaaaaa aaa… tu jaane na
khayalon mein lakhon baatein,
yun toh keh gayaaaa..
bola kuch na tere saamne
oooo… hue na begaane bhi
tum hoke aur ke
dekho tum na mere hi bane
aafsos hota hai, dil bhi yeh rota hai
sapne sanjotha hai, pagla hua soche ye
hum the mile tum se na jaane kyun
meelo ke, hai faasle tumse na jaane kyun
anjaane, hai silsile
tum se na jaane kyun, sapne hai
palko tale tum se na jaane kyunnnnnn…
kaise batayein
kyun tujhko chahe
yaara bata na paayein
baatein dil o ki
dekho jo baki
aake tujhe samjhayein
tu jaane na aaaa..
tu jaane na
tu jaane na aaaa..
tu jaane na
tu jaane naaaa…
tu jaane naa
tu jaane naaaa…
tu jaane naa

And the translations are as follows :

You are not knowing

how should i tell you that why i am loving you
o beloved, i am not able to tell you
the talks of my heart, my eyes are explaining to you
you didn't know it, you are not knowing
even after meeting we didn't meet
with you don't know why there is distance of miles
with you don't know why there is a strange chain
for you i don't know why i have dreams
with you i don't know
how should i tell you that why i am loving you
o beloved, i am not able to tell you
the talks of my heart, my eyes are explaining to you
but you didn't know it, you are not knowing
the one who resides in my eyes
matches with you completely
were it your eyes or your talks
which became desire of my heart
even though you are near to me, even though you are my desire
even though there are feelings, you are not my, this is the state
i have complain that don't know why i have distances of miles with you
you don't know
you don't know, you don't know, you don't know, you don't know
dont know, dont know, dont know, dont know
you don't know
in my thoughts i have said lacs of things
but didn't say anything in front of you
becoming somebody else’s, you didn't become strange to me
see that you didn't became my only
i feel regretted, my heart also cries
it is decorating dreams, it has become mad and thinking
that we were met, don't know why there are distance of miles with you
with you don't know why there is a strange chain
for you i don't know why i have dreams
don't know why with you
how should i tell you that why i am loving you
o beloved, i am not able to tell you
the talks of my heart my eyes are explaining to you
but you didn't know it, you are not knowing
See the song, hear it, sing along, here :

Wow, by far,the longest post, with the least own words. What I'm sharing now, is a glimpse of my feelings. A little bit more about me.

Monday, February 21, 2011

taking off, where I stand

Taking off, where I stand
To a land, I feel, loneliness is not a disease
The wind brings me forth, I'm running
carefree, sunny days and windy breeze awaits

I look back, see familiar faces staring
smiling, crying, wailing, laughing
one hand, eggs on, urges the push forward

pastures green it may be, everything is best hoped for
when it turns sour? who wants to know?
why fret the indoctrinated?
when will blooming seasons end?

let the grandeur sweep you off your feet
let the majesty of it all caress you all the time, like a lover's touch on a full moon night out
just let it work, conspiracies aside
let it flow, taking off, where I stand.

I'm coming to you.

Saturday, February 19, 2011


Busy, busy streets!

Street peddlers selling everything from pictures of gods and goddesses, to toys and incense sticks...

A group of people crowding around a small TV, that hangs outside the shop....a closer look reveals cricket is being shown live....

The smell of fresh dosas and masala coffee, piercing my taste buds, and everyone else's...

Flower stall nearby, garlands arranged neatly and sprayed with water to maintain it's sell-ability..

Colourful, geometric kolams on the roads, latest tamil movie songs blaring from one shop to the other....

I'm actually in Brickfields, KL. Also known as the little India of KL.

What intrigued me most today, was the crowd gathered in front of the TV. India playing Bangladesh at the moment, and seeing the Indian cricketers, full flow in their majestic form, and the cheers from the crowd, transported me for a brief moment in time, to Chennai, circa 1997.

Chennai, formerly known as Madras. I was all excited when I first stepped out of the airport. The sights, the sounds, the smells, everything was surreal. Affectionately known as Singgara Chennai, it was everything I ever dream off Chennai as I imagined it from the movies and all.

And cricket! man, the sport rocks! Only thing is, just like any other sports, to follow it, you need to learn the lingo... Otherwise, you'll never know why a sixer is cheered and a wicket is called, and when the overs are out, the innings matters.

And looks like, I'll not be missing Chennai after all. I'll just head down to my favourite spots in Brickfields.

Saturday, February 12, 2011


10 years.

It is one of those days when your forays to the Internet brings out a surprise, something you never expected. An, eureka moment. Just like any other Fridays in school, after a game of badminton, I switch myself back into the lazing mode, and found myself finishing up some work left on the computer. That's when Sharmila buzzed.

Our discussions went from recent events, and veered to music, and in a flash, the thought of searching for random bhajans on Youtube became exciting. I searched for one, and it hit just the spot. The next one, was even better. A search for a song I've been looking out for close 10 years.

10 years.

Rewind. Sometimes, the biggest wish we all have are the smallest things to be in those small convenient places for a rewind of sorts. Like the remote control device featured in an Adam Sandler movie sometime back. Or a convenient BACK button like what we have in the browsers for the Internet. A small instance to go backwards, just so that moving forward will not be a difficult thing to do.

This song, was my rewind button of sorts. A classical composition by Bhadrachala Ramadas, which I 
conveniently thought it was Thiagaraja's, the song is simply about bhakti and devotion. These two are superlatives that simply complements the same feeling, which the song oozes in abundance. It may take some expert hands to translate the words though, which is the composer's native Telegu language.

That's about how the technicalities go. But why search this particular song, you may ask. It goes back, and I'm hitting the rewind button now.

The long drive home.

It is often believed that in some point of life, we will have someone to follow us, or rather to become part of the journey, like a co driver. Not in the mould of a side kick, but more of another pair of eyes to see the world like we do. A soulmate. Dad was my first one. 

Last few months of his life was filled with lots of time on the road, literally, when I became his co driver. No full license in hand, we would drive off to town and off towns for many occasions, and our journey would be filled with discussions, music and anecdotes, never it was a bore to be with him. He had a fine taste of music, and his choices would surprise me till this day. One of it, was a collection of classical songs played to violin by   some dudes from India, who are now the well known and almost legendary Ganesh Kumaresh brothers. Back then, i was oblivious to who sings what and when. Which, I still bring till now, at times.

That particular cassette would be accompanying us on our many road trips. Even on the day of his passing.

Driving back home to carry the news, alone, was not going to be easy. Here I am, all trying to be composed, hands on the wheel, lonely road in front of me. The dark skies simply reflected life at that time for me. Confused, dazed, and in a way drunk on the emotions that was buzzing around that time, I was tasked to deliver the news back home, confirming to what had transpired in the hospital, and prepare for his final homecoming. 

The cassette. It was sitting in the car's stereo. And by force of habit, my left hand reached out for it. The song,  it played in the background. 

That's when i stopped. Stopped the car, stopped containing, and i cried my heart's out.

16 days later, i threw the cassette away in disgust. I didn't want anything to disrupt my recovery period. 

It proved to be one of the worst things I've decided to do. And for a good 10 years, I searched for it. 

Not knowing who composed it, which album, etc etc, it was basically trying to search for the letter A in a bag full of tamil letter forms.


I found it last night. Played it on the speakers, and I wept like a child again.

This time, it was not of anger, or disgust, or pain.

It was of acceptance. 

-plain Joe.

The link above lets you to listen to the song. Enjoy.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Football talk -Whatever happened to our local footy fans?

See, there was a time, when football, I mean, local football, was as exciting as what will happen to JR Ewing on Dallas, that too, on local TV.

That time, is still fondly remembered by many fans, who have now sadly shied away from supporting the teams they once rooted for. Now, why is that so important that I blog about it? What significance does it make to the life of a plain Joe?

Past two days plain Joe has been spending some time at the KL Football stadium, home ground to the once mighty team from the City, KL FC. No, not to be confused with the global chicken(?) mashers. KLFC, short for Kuala Lumpur Football Club, was arguably the first football team in the country that not only carries the title of a city team, but was also a dominant force in the Malaysian league just when it was booming into something short of spectacular.

Remember the glory days of Malaysian footy, when the likes of Karel Stromšík (a goalie featured in the  Czechoslovakian team that played in the 1982 World Cup) and many others (see link at end of post) graced our national league, gunning for hounours with household names such as Matlan Marjan (scored 2 goals against Gary Lineker led England) and many others? Before the EPL, this was football for most Malaysians. 

Before the Internet.

Before the EPL.

Before the oligarichs and the money Sheikhs.

Before the corruption of bookies.

If you look back into a little bit of Malaysian football history, you will come across what many people refer to as the Dark Times. No, not when Sauron makes a comeback, but the time when the whole league was sent to shambles as investigations confirmed the league was poisoned by match fixing.


Cutting back, circa present times, KLFA is not what it used to be in the late 80s. That time, I used to gloat to my school friends who were mostly Selangor fans, on how the City Boys, or City Slickers, used to whip their @$$ during derby games. Much like how I still gentlemanly gloat whenever my favourite Red Devils do the same on their city wannabes. It used to be so much fun doing it, without the help of pundits, expert analysis, Championship Manager and other technical footy speak. Just the simple things like "My team just beat the crap out of yours".

Today, I stand at KLFA's homeground, the once proud KL Football Stadium in Cheras. According to sources, KL still are one of the best sides to produce junior players in the country, but, just like many poorer clubs here, their best will most probably be playing against them in the next season. Severely lacking sponsors and the funds, they are even at the point of being bullied by other teams when it comes to revenue and sponsorship. But the worst of all, are their fans.

Sad state of affairs they are in, and the fans are not helping them either. Yes, we may have been scarred once to many times by the previous bunch of clowns calling themselves footballers (dedicated with love to the ones tainted by the promise of mega $$$ to throw games - you suck), but come on, give the new generation of footballers a chance. We may be riding some new found luck with the performances of the Harimau Muda, some even scoffing it as a one hit wonder. But persevere we must, for the one hit wonder can only be changed to something more consistent only by being a participant in the symbiotic relationship between football, and it's fans.

I'm making some headway to officiate myself as a registered fan in the KLFC fan club. Go Go Go City Boys!


Plain Joe.

ps - KL football club has, in the past, produced players such as Azman Adnan. In recent times, Safee Saali.
I also used to live in the same housing project as where Subadron Aziz was staying. A former striker for KLFC, he always used to drop by the local padang once in a while, and the first thing he does, is do impromptu coaching sessions with us.

KLFC wikipedia page  :

Full list of foreign players (some really good ones, some, mercenary craps) : 

Monday, February 7, 2011

My old site, on Friendster Blogs

When Columbus first discovered Americas (or so what they say), he must have had this feeling of getting his pants wet and smiling broadly at the same time.

Discoveries, sometimes they strike you at the most awkward time possible, but that too, is actually meant to happen at that exact moment in space. The universe, it works within it's own mysteries, never really understood, never really took to the task of getting to be understood.

I too, found something interesting today.

My old blog site, The original Plain Joe postings.

I even posted an end-of-the-line post there, so, in all matters of principle and evolution, it will remain, a glimpse of the past.

What I am now, was shaped by events in the past. What I was in the past, was shaped by events that took place in that present time. What am I in the present, is currently being shaped. What am I in the future? That, is the amalgamation of the past, present, and the future.

PS - what were you thinking about the pants getting wet bit? Columbus sailed! Sea water! :P

Friday, February 4, 2011

Joe speaks, after thinking of course

Hi y'all!

I'm finally here on a public site.

I started sometime back on Friendster, posting what I called, the Plain Joe diaries. It was, well, not the most spectacular read you will find on the web, but it was where I, a plain ol' joe, wrote a little on what happened around me. Call it, a form of therapy. It was a journey of self discovery, and to which, I'm continuing till now.

So where exactly did I leave off to? All will be revealed in the upcoming posts.

See ya'all soon!


Plain Joe.

DISCLAIMER - If you're looking for the cerebral, Pulitzer Prize winning writing, you're in the wrong site.