Saturday, February 19, 2011


Busy, busy streets!

Street peddlers selling everything from pictures of gods and goddesses, to toys and incense sticks...

A group of people crowding around a small TV, that hangs outside the shop....a closer look reveals cricket is being shown live....

The smell of fresh dosas and masala coffee, piercing my taste buds, and everyone else's...

Flower stall nearby, garlands arranged neatly and sprayed with water to maintain it's sell-ability..

Colourful, geometric kolams on the roads, latest tamil movie songs blaring from one shop to the other....

I'm actually in Brickfields, KL. Also known as the little India of KL.

What intrigued me most today, was the crowd gathered in front of the TV. India playing Bangladesh at the moment, and seeing the Indian cricketers, full flow in their majestic form, and the cheers from the crowd, transported me for a brief moment in time, to Chennai, circa 1997.

Chennai, formerly known as Madras. I was all excited when I first stepped out of the airport. The sights, the sounds, the smells, everything was surreal. Affectionately known as Singgara Chennai, it was everything I ever dream off Chennai as I imagined it from the movies and all.

And cricket! man, the sport rocks! Only thing is, just like any other sports, to follow it, you need to learn the lingo... Otherwise, you'll never know why a sixer is cheered and a wicket is called, and when the overs are out, the innings matters.

And looks like, I'll not be missing Chennai after all. I'll just head down to my favourite spots in Brickfields.

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