Monday, February 21, 2011

taking off, where I stand

Taking off, where I stand
To a land, I feel, loneliness is not a disease
The wind brings me forth, I'm running
carefree, sunny days and windy breeze awaits

I look back, see familiar faces staring
smiling, crying, wailing, laughing
one hand, eggs on, urges the push forward

pastures green it may be, everything is best hoped for
when it turns sour? who wants to know?
why fret the indoctrinated?
when will blooming seasons end?

let the grandeur sweep you off your feet
let the majesty of it all caress you all the time, like a lover's touch on a full moon night out
just let it work, conspiracies aside
let it flow, taking off, where I stand.

I'm coming to you.

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