Monday, February 7, 2011

My old site, on Friendster Blogs

When Columbus first discovered Americas (or so what they say), he must have had this feeling of getting his pants wet and smiling broadly at the same time.

Discoveries, sometimes they strike you at the most awkward time possible, but that too, is actually meant to happen at that exact moment in space. The universe, it works within it's own mysteries, never really understood, never really took to the task of getting to be understood.

I too, found something interesting today.

My old blog site, The original Plain Joe postings.

I even posted an end-of-the-line post there, so, in all matters of principle and evolution, it will remain, a glimpse of the past.

What I am now, was shaped by events in the past. What I was in the past, was shaped by events that took place in that present time. What am I in the present, is currently being shaped. What am I in the future? That, is the amalgamation of the past, present, and the future.

PS - what were you thinking about the pants getting wet bit? Columbus sailed! Sea water! :P

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  1. Aw come on! We all know he pee-ed in his pants! Hahahaha...