Thursday, February 24, 2011

Mash up - A tale best served with your favourite drink.

Warning : The writer wishes to stress out that sleep deprivation is bad. But, if you decide to knock off on that sleep, a little bit of creativity and another crazy friend or two wont be so bad after all.

Kester Low Toys'R'us is still a special place. :)

Bullet Murugan its home sweet home for clowns like us :P
Kester Low ‎'Tis all the fuel u need to get those pesky grey matter bemused again :) Happy.
Bullet Murugan happy as a bee can be!
Kester Low Silly ol' bear ;)
Bullet Murugan and where's that honey pot of mine? i need to add some to my bowl of porridge before ol' Goldilocks wipes them out
Kester Low U left the empty Huney Jar right next to Tigger hoping he'd shu d wolf away? :p oh bother!
Bullet Murugan well, i'm meeting the wolf for tea. He's a little sloshed right now with all that red ridin' hood and all. Tigger you old fart! come back with my jar o' hunny!
Kester Low Hehehe. Maybe he went to see the Mad Hatter. Have you come across the rabbit? We're all losing our mind, i mean time. :P
Bullet Murugan I know....he's been hopping around in my garden, trying to find some clock he lost. Says he needs to board the ship to NArnia, wherever that might be :P
Kester Low Wait... you mean he went... what... wait... but but the Huney Pot got lost... along with the Matrix. Now I'm gonna Nerf some random teletubbies looking dude who walks my path for almost(?) killing Prime and spoiling tea... which very well could have been with the Queen. So help me Pooh!
Bullet Murugan Pooh calling the Goonies..... bzzzzzzzt....tsk....(breaks):

Hunny...pot missing....Narnia...ship....Matrix....looking for teletubies...killed Prime...tea spoilt....Need backup....send in the Ewoks!
Kester Low Arrrgh! Aye Ewoks. Ze killer badgers... They need no midichlorian parasites. :) Oh wait, you know what we need... some Hot Wheels.... like the Tumbler! (Besides, Batman's got no powers :P) Now Pooh can boldly go where no pooh has gone before. What's some Vulcans when he can daily brave a horde of honey bees with stingers like Mohammed Ali. May the force be with ye.
Bullet Murugan Enterprise! Beam me up, Scotty. Get the Tie Fighters ready. We have some pirates to track down. Darth Bear, out...
Kester Low Cue Looney Tunes' end credit song... :D

Live long and prosper!
Bullet Murugan the beethebeehtbeeethe.....

THAT's all Folks!
Kester Low Oh epic! :D
Bullet Murugan we'll make a sequel later :P
Kester Low The Return of The Pooh :P Haha. Ayo.

Disclaimer : Loss of sleep, yes. Laughed our ass off before sleeping? well, I did. No bears and Ewoks were harmed during the process of writing this tall tale.

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