Wednesday, March 16, 2011

dancer's bells

is it too much to ask for?
silence, stark, heinous, nauseous
i looked back with no hope nor joy
till i heard the dancer's bells

dancer's bells
breaking that silence, tearing it apart in motion
like little daffodils swaying on a windy plain
i now see light, stark, beautiful, joyful

dancer's bells
with every tap springs forth a rhythmic landscape
inviting all into a dream state, never ending
it spirals, controlled, cushioned, comforting
takes you straight to folded arms
home sweet home

the universe speaks through you
a new language, made common in the fabric of time
present, past, future colliding with ease
remembering long lost embraces
a state of ecstasy slowly enveloping all who are present

dancer's bell
a window to the universe
a connector of souls
a manipulator of time

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