Friday, March 18, 2011

last bits of being 30

Here I am alone in the office waiting for the kids to go back and thought to myself why on earth am I not attempting to put in any form of punctuation marks to this post but then who the hoot cares right I mean what is there is no punctuation marks at all will it really make a difference that will change the way it has been for me the last 30 years of existing and coexisting with all in the universe so beautifully created by god which happens to be the most misunderstood word in the entire collection of dictionaries around the world but what about the others who can't speak or rather living creatures who don't speak the language we humans do and what about people who can't understand languages at all in other words people who are audibly challenged and linguistically challenged but by the way this post was about me looking back in reflection of what has transpired in my life for the past 30 years and see where it has come up to.

Just like that. No punctuations.



Where, what, who, when, why, how. Arrange them, place the right words next to them, put them on nice little placards and ask anyone the answer.

I know...... it's never going to be answered the way you want it.

Happy birthday kid. Time to learn to put those punctuations where it matters most.

-Plain Joe


  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY BULLET! its chand!
    may god bless u and may all ur dreams and wishes comre true. life is hard i know, but hang in there life will show you its brightside soon :)
    luv ya lots n take care

  2. Sometimes it's good to have a life without punctuation marks. I mean, why stop?