Tuesday, August 9, 2011

kala kutta!

I wag my tail, hunger begets life
We've been walking all day long, no rest, no stop
Yet I seem invisible to you, still, I wag my tail
Whenever you glance at me

I pounce upon your enemies, gnarling, rabid like
Expect nothing, well, some bits of your food would be heavenly
yet you ignore me, shooing me off with sticks and stone
i am a dog, after all

Yet I seem invisible, after all, I'm not your designated pet
I came to you by design
your coming was an accident, yet you choose to turn away

tonight, I enjoy my bone, the one I picked
your collarbone seemed worthy
you did not ignore me
but you blinded yourself from what i was to say
walk with me, I will protect you - you blind, deaf, oaf!

now, I, the ignored dog
chew upon your collarbone, as you lie motionless.
the swig of your cold, dry blood now satiates my hunger.
thank you, o' Creator!


  1. Did you know that dogs keep chewing old bones because the old bones abrade their gums and they start to bleed. The dog thinks that the bone is secreting blood and keeps chewing. What a metaphor!

  2. What a metaphor indeed...it also reflects to the habits we indulge in, the habits which makes us addicted to it. :)