Thursday, August 11, 2011

one crazy afternoon

Hips, locked into position, poised, ready to strike.

I now strike a pose, hair swaying from one direction to the other, even warriors, fear me now.

I looked down, on the parched ground that was once fertile,  this is where it all began.

One crazy afternoon, when i decide to start dancing.

Thing is, when I dance, it evokes the power cosmic. I have no inhibitions, no regrets, fear dissolves the moment I gaze upon it, my majestic grace simply rolls everything around me in motion. My motionless stance reverberates every single atom around me, I am now, the beat.

Dance! I am power! I am grace! I am time!

I am destruction!

I am birth!

I am death!

I am liberty!

I strike the ground, waiting for no one, but Shakti.

Shakti, you are now, me.

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