Friday, August 12, 2011

My Childhood

A new box arrived today, and it looks bigger than what it was the last time. Dad outdid it this time, for the last one, was a little boring. I hope its the one I asked for, please, oh please, let it be a castle set this time....

I rummaged through the wrapper, lo and behold! The Lego castle set! Just as I wanted!

"But Dad, why is it not Lego? It says, LOGO here"

"It’s the same, son. Go on, play with it"

"NO!!!!!" I screamed, disappointed on the choice of brand. Marketing seemed to have worked on me, a 5 year old kid.

Disgusted, the entire contents of the box were hurriedly chucked away into the bin. Dad broke his promise.

Lego is all I wanted, and yet, he gets me a LOGO. A cheaper cousin. Fake goods!

Daddy doesn't love me anymore.

I ran to my room, locked the door, slammed myself shut, and cried my hearts out te whole night. It was the end of the world for me.


I think I must have fell asleep, tired of all the tearing that night.

I woke up to the familiar aroma of eggs and toast the next morning. Saturday breakfast was usually eggs, toast, and baked beans made Indian style, which is usually baked beans straight form the can, heated up with sautéed onions, mixed with Indian curry powder. Well, at least, Dad got it right this time. But I still wanted my Lego castle.

What would my friend think? A Logo set? I might as well not have any friends at all!

I dragged myself to the dining table, pyjamas intact. Breakfast without brushing my teeth! Now, this is rebellion to it's extreme. I am going to make a mission statement here. No more rules. I only want my Lego.

Dad was busy in the kitchen, and he's making coffee. Strong, black coffee. Dad's favourite, apparently it is the choice breakfast of cowboys. He loved his cowboy movies, and I think he would have been one had he stayed back in India. India must have had cowboys, for they surely had cows!

I pulled up a chair, dragging it's legs, screeching, it belts out the most irritating noise one could have in the morning. It broke the silence. Dad came by the table, plate in hand. Normally, I would be thrilled to gobble up everything on that plate. This time, it was incomplete. I refused to look at him, instead, the floor seemed to be very interesting at that time. I could finally see the intricate artwork, te pulling of the chair, the legs making fine white lines on the parquet flooring. I am now an artist!

Dad placed the plate on the table, and gave a peck on my head. I tried to brush him off, and it is then I caught something in the corner of my eye.

A castle. A completely built castle. It was magnificent!

I rushed over to the living room, and found a castle play set, made of Logo bricks, complete with knights and horses, soldiers wielding swords, maidens, archers on the towers, a working drawbridge.

But, how did it come here? Wait a minute, it says LOGO all over.

I ran to the kitchen, and hugged Dad.

"Son, I know you wanted the Lego set, but this is all I could afford for now. I just lost my job, and..."

I hugged him even harder, this time, I cut him off.

"Dad, Thank you. And I'm sorry as well"

I still have baked beans, eggs and toast on Saturday mornings, whenever I can. I don't have the castle set anymore, and so is Dad. But my childhood was always happy. He made it happy for me.

I love you, Dad.

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  1. Beautiful. Touching story, well told.

  2. Very touching memory! And what a wise father!

  3. My youngest son is just like you. The lies I have to tell sometimes. Like, ah, I'm sorry, all the Lego sets were sold out, I just got this one for now, don't worry, I'll bring real Lego next time. Kids grow out of that phase I notice. I have four, you see.

    I am also in the LBC. My comment will link back to my post for this week and you are very welcome to visit. Look forward to visiting you and reading more of your blog.

    Here's the link:

  4. Welcome to LBC. even I am quite new to it and its good to see so many more joining in. This post looks like straight from the pages of a novel..very touching indeed. I especially liked the way you made your father's feelings appear so real. I think its so much better to teach children by doing than telling..I am sure you would always keep this incidence in mind and would be able to pass it on to your children...

    Great post! I shall look forward to reading more..

  5. Very well written to portray the unconditional love between a father and his son...