Monday, February 11, 2013

Confessions (first published in Facebook, on Tuesday, 24 May 2011 at 20:49)

"Errm, there's something that I'd like to discuss with you..."

Those words started it all. See, the man is on a roll here, and he would like to express his thoughts and views to the best way he thinks of, and in the comfort of the environment he is best suited on. She was just being herself tonight, cheery. Two fun loving people, sitting down around a small table, about to discuss something which could change the way thnigs are.

Difference here being, I'm in love. And I know, now I have met the one.

" know, life is really looking good for me now. I'm enjoying it". 

Salsa, gosh I love the passion it exudes. Life is about that, passion. Passion breeds love, and love gives birth to endless possibilities. 

"Have you met someone?" the obvious, seems to be present. 

 "Yeah, well, sort of. I'm actually meeting her tonight!"

"Wow, that's nice" Eyebrows raised.... "Who,where is she from?"

"Oh, she's an old friend. She's around 'ere..."

"WHAT? Tell me! Tell me..."


Silence.....smiles....eyebrow twitching, salsa music...

"HOW??WHEN???WHY??? OMG!!!"

"Well, it's been like that, since the first day we met all those years ago. Just that it didn't develop to this. And I simply didn't listen. Now I am, and well, hopefully, you are..."


Hope, yes, did come out from the Pandora's box last. But something else also came along to balance it all up. Courage.

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