Monday, February 11, 2013

More about myself. 25 notes.

1) Bullet Murugan is NOT my given name. Its a brand I'm developing. My real name is Balamurugan Ambujalinngam Sheshadri Shankaranath Abhimanyu Kuppuswamy Prahalarthar Ramakrishnan Thevar. Just kidding, stick to Bullet Murugan.

2) I am devoted to my music, and to Saraswati. She's not my wife, but my life. Damn this sounds cheesy, but it's actually what I am. What I live for these days. 

3) At standard 1, I was selected to be a model for a class project. 7 years old, parading on the ramp walk, representing the traditional south indian folks wearing a nice dhoti-jippa combo, accompanied by a hot indian gal. Unfortunately, I was seven, and her dad had to re-tie the dhoti for me in front of his daughter. The shame!

4) I still am intrigued by the dogfights that took place over the battle of Brittain. It's an amazing display of courage and everything ballsy. In the end, just like the Mahabharata, the valiant but outnumbered defenders outwitted, out-shot and just kicked the invading forces ass. Nicely done, chaps. Tally Ho!

5)For my youngest sister's 4th birthday, I got for her a talking, 5 inch Robocop action doll, with interchangeable arms and the whole works. I enjoyed playing with it!

6)Despite what I look like now, I'm very partial towards sports. No, golf is not one of them. 

7)At 31, I am now taking the road of self realisation, which can also branch out to self destruction and ultimately, a whoop ass session with everyone who cares for me. But it's gonna be worth the pain. I'll smile later when I hand out the invites for the launcing of Popiah Records.

8)I think, I am a hopeless romantic. Hmmm. Hopeless, maybe.

9)I love smelling good. 

10) Mum's the word!

11) The Universe is somewhat friendlier these days. I'm still learning about Him (yes, its a guy thing over here, mate!) and we sometimes engage into deep, meaningful conversations. No, keep the phone down, I'm not mental.

12)I miss my school days. Good friends, good times.

13)I am actually intrigued by the way numbers work. It's just that I hate remembering the formulaes and rules. Numbers should be free to express themselves, like their cousins, the alphabets. 

14)Give me a tin, and I'll give you music. 

16)Never, ever buy me clothes. Especially if you are visiting New York or Ulu Kinta, and bring me T shirts saying I LOVE ULU KINTA or something like that. I'll buy my own clothes. You can pass me the cash if you want, or get me a book, or a CD, or a musical instrument. A wife would also be good.

17)Cooking, is the next nest thing to making music. Especially when you're doing it for the love of it. The mess, after cooking, is something I don;t really fancy...

18)I'd love to drive a VW Beetle someday. The old one. Power steering is all that is which will be modified. 

20)I used to dream of becoming a fireman once. That was till standard 2, when I wanted to become a scientist. The list grew, till I became fed up with career choices. Nowadays, I just bum around. Kidding. I do have somehting to do. Ask me in rivate if you really want to know more.

21)Cockroaches scare the hell outa me. ESPECIALLY THE FLYING ONES. They die first. 

22)In the order of priorities : God, Family, Music, Friends, everything else. Sometimes, the order realigns itself, much to the dismay of the ones booted out to the next step.

23)I watch movies, alone. Well, most of the times. Will be nice to watch it with a special one, someday.

24)I love dancing. What I dance, no one knows. A video of a kid dancing on youtube to some bollywood song has been going viral over the Net. THAT"S NOT ME. but, then again, there are resemblences....

25)I'm also working on book. No details yet, but its an interesting project. 

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