Monday, February 11, 2013

The world we live in

Something I wrote on Thursday, 3 January 2013 at 11:59, just to interpret thoughts and desires, without thinking. Just letting the pen write, or in this case, the keyboard.
Nothing cerebral, but I leave the analysis to you.


We live in a world that is consistently hedging on to madness

Where driving within the stipulated speeds gets on another's nerves
Smiling to a stranger beckons an ulterior motive
Offering your seat to the elderly in a bus is looked at an attempt to show off
Speaking in your own language is viewed at being too native
Organising the desk signals a retirement or a move

Supporting a football team is akin to choosing sides at war
Holding up a burger and getting your picture taken is deemed heretic
Voting is a waste of time, as it changes nothing
Sex is nothing but temporal ecstasy
Reading equates to being snobbish
Music refines class and place in society

Dressing up in a certain colour ammounts to being identified with a cult
Attending classes after school denotes a lazy teacher in school
Blowing ciggarette smoke directly to a stranger's way is akin to saying Hello
talking on the mobile while driving with one hand on the wheel is an entry to the academy of coolness

Throwing rubbish outside your car window to the street keeps your car clean
Forcing intercourse is aking to a show of power
Getting a gun makes you safer
Dressing up to a party makes you a slut
Not having a mobile phone sends the shivers down your spine

Showing compassion to another living being is akin to being a pussy
Stopping to think about the next step is a dumb move
Preparing for exams is a waste of time

Cutting down forrests marks the mastery over nature

Shoot first, talk later



and more death.

I'm nature

I'm the world

I'm you

I'm me

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