Wednesday, February 27, 2013

The wake up call

Life is no bed of roses.

Like, I've heard that repeated many times, broken records in procrastinating it to the point where a T-Rex would have lost it's tooth the the Fairy and grew another one. 

As a matter of fact, when push comes to shove, its best to shove off the procrastinating, and get on with the programme. 

The only way to grow, is to actually change the mind set altogether. Put it in on spin dry, get the circuits realigned, and anchor it to your dreams. If you want that dream so bad to materialise, then its worth going through that spin. 


Constant improvement through education.

Face those challenges, like a Sir.

undoing years of habit may seem like a gargantuan effort, but its all that it seems to be. The change can take effect within minutes.

I just need to believe in myself more, and get on with the programme. 

Time to revisit the drawing board once again. This time, the goals will be crystal clear. 

Does this feel like you're reading some self improvement guru session, different being almost sounding like hyperventilating on crystal meth?

No. But hey, why not?

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