Monday, February 18, 2013

Wishes to the man above

I need some sense of balance in my life.

Music's there for the taking, and it has never been closer to me since the time I started getting immersed in it, but now, a conundrum.

To create, means to learn.
To learn, means to devote.
To devote, means to exhale.
To exhale, means to burn.

Means. That's what is lacking here.

The crazies don't just stop there. Elaborate schemes conducted by some unseen force seems to be having a field day with their sickles, prodding and probing every nook and corner.

Nothing is spared, like a swarm of locusts, circling, devouring.

And I welcome that, with arms wide open.

for it's an energy I want to willingly tap in.

In chaos, I shall find my way.

will You be my anchor, when I get lost? I hope so.

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