Thursday, February 14, 2013

Suit up, kid.

I slumped to the chair after a hard day's work. Turned on the telly, and sat there watching another re-run of some random TV show. All this, done in sync with the meals, cat naps, reading, the occasional man scratches.

Multi tasking. 

Welcome to my world, after work.

Day passed.



Things did not change. Not even for worse, the normal life was begging for some action. 

Some respite. 

And then it happened in a flash. The familiar silence was shattered with the abrupt tone which set apart the text message from the phone calls. The kind of noise which will warrant an instant stare from the 5th grade music teacher.

It's time.

Destiny beckons. 

Time to wear that suit again. 

Time to be the Rootbeer bear again. 

Children. You just have to love them to hate them. 

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