Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Wonderment & Believe

Ever wondered why our lives sometimes seems like its on a bus ride, through the countryside, on a bumpy road that never seems to stop?

Ever wondered what would it be like if you could take a different perspective view of that very same episode, and to be able to just watch the proceedings just as if it's a TV show?


I ask myself these questions everyday, and it never gave me a straight, direct answer. Always beating the bush, it seems to be an extension of me, of what I have come to being, of what I believe I am.


A single word uttered by an mystic, upon showing a reflection on the mirror. I still remember that dream like it's some high quality blue ray movie. And when the same mystic came into the picture, this time in real, it was the most unbelievable moment of that time. Time stopped, I had this awkward reflex motion on my face (a combination of both surprise, delight and horror), and my journey on the rocky road bus had just started.

Thank you for setting my off on that bus ride, Swami. I still experience bumps on the road, but I'm learning to enjoy every moment of it. But, being human, sometimes the bitching and complaints do creep in.

Evolution will see to that. In the mean time, here's to life, karma, love and the experience it puts you through.

Love. Live. Evolve

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